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We love visual content. In an ever-changing world of digital marketing, visual content can help provide a look into quick tips and tricks around engaging topics in one colorful and compact package.

With this in mind, what’s better than an infographic?

There are many varieties of infographics available that surround the topics of Digital Marketing and Social Media. To help sort through the volume, we’ve picked out five infographics your brand can use for developing and improving your content strategy.

1. Social Media Comparison
This compares the top 6 Social Media Channels, providing information about the purpose, reach, followers and activity for each one. The data is normally updated every six months.

Social Media Comparison

2. 5 Steps to Make Your Social Content Great
This infographic deals with the meat of your Social Media sites: content. It takes you from start to finish giving you points to consider each step of the way to great content, from the beginning idea to distribution.

5 Steps to Make Your Social Content Great


3. Best Times To Post On Social Media
Once you have your Social Media sites decided on and content planned for each one, this infographic created by Fannit, will give you an idea of the best times to post your content on each site.

Best Times To Post on Social Media


4. Why Smart Social Marketers Think Mobile First
Many people go to their mobile devices to search the Internet or shop and this infographic provides the facts to back up the importance of mobile to marketers, along with how to use the different Social Media platforms with mobile devices in mind.


5. Miles Apart: How Women And Men Use Social Media And Mobile
This infographic gets down to even more specifics, showing the difference between women and men and their Social Media use. Marketers can use this information to best target their preferred customer base or audience.

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We’ve reached the tip of the iceberg with these five examples of infographics. You can find many infographics that will go into even greater detail, dealing with each specific Social Media platform, brands, demographics, holidays and more. It doesn’t take long to look through them and implement what applies to your industry and audience.

Do you have a favorite infographic? Tell us about it and provide a link so we can check it out.