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28 08, 2014

Brand Ambassadors: Hook, Line & Sinker

By |August 28th, 2014|Branding, Influencers, Online Community|0 Comments|

Are you fishing for brand ambassadors or do they willing jump in your net? A brand ambassador is a valuable asset. Realizing their importance is a step in the right direction. But how do you entice them to stand up on your behalf?
You can’t force the relationship. Here are 5 questions to consider if you want to reel that potential ambassador in to join forces with your brand.
1. Who is a brand ambassador?

A brand […]

21 08, 2014

5 ways to increase your blog traffic

By |August 21st, 2014|Content, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing|0 Comments|

We’ve all been there.
After hours upon hours spent on creating the perfect blog post, you’ve finally hit publish and are waiting for the views and shares to roll in.
Tumbleweeds. You have a few tracked readers, but there’s little to no engagement.
We’re here to share 5 great ways to increase your blog traffic and help drive business for your brand.
1. Promote more than once.
From Twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn, it doesn’t hurt to share […]

14 08, 2014

7 Ways to Prepare for a Social Media Crisis

By |August 14th, 2014|Community Management, Content Moderation, Social Listening, Social Media Management|0 Comments|

Picture this scenario. You’ve been off for the weekend, enjoying time with family and relaxing. Monday morning rolls around and you sign into your social profiles. Suddenly your eyes stop at a comment written in caps with lots of exclamation points and question marks. You discover that on Friday night, a recent customer of yours vented her frustration with your company. An order she had expected to arrive was delayed and she wanted to […]

7 08, 2014

5 Ways Brands Use Pop Culture on Social Media

By |August 7th, 2014|Branding, Social Networks, Trends|0 Comments|

Pop culture can be found all over society. It’s anything that causes a buzz, is popular and something a large portion of the population gets all excited about. It’s talked about among people, on TV, the radio, and especially over the Internet. In fact, the Internet has caused pop culture to be even more popular and widespread than it was in the past.

Brands have quickly jumped on this bandwagon in an effort to engage […]

31 07, 2014

Secrets of Generating Content for These Social Networks

By |July 31st, 2014|Content, Facebook, Instagram, Social Media Marketing, Twitter|0 Comments|

From 140 characters to filtered images, the world’s largest social networks vary in growth and approach. Just like decisions made for your business, not every tweet and post should be the same.
Your customers and fans are searching for engagement and variation of content – and we’re here to help ensure you do just that.
Read on for tips and tricks to generate the right type of content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
With the competition for […]